Hemlock Bridge Trail

Hemlock Bridge Trail - Hocking Hills State Park 

Hemlock Bridge Trail- Hocking Hills State Park -
Hocking Hills State Park (Near Cabins)
 Turn Point is: 20517 State Route 664
Trail Head and Parking
39.426357, -82.551958

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heart of hockingl

The Look: A trail leads to a peaceful overlook, then descends downward toward Whispering Cave with a seasonal waterfall. Along the way, rock formations, recess caves and cliffs line the trail. There is a swinging bridge over Old Man's Creek.

Interesting things to look for: Hemlock Brdge Trail

Take a short walk to Whispering Cave.

Look for Jack in the Pulpet and other unique wildflowers along the way in spring.


Length: 1 1/2 miles and about an hour to take the hike in and out at a leisurely pace.