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Hocking Halloween Campout
October 26-28, 2018
Join with the Haunted Hocking “HHIT” team as they search for the unexplained at Ash Cave or try your hand at Pumpkin decorating.  Registered campers and cabin guest can enjoy a hayride, a family fun spooky movie, site judging, and trick or treat at Old Man’s Cave campground.  Regular camping & cabin fees apply.


Children under the age of 16 must have adult supervision at all events.

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Haunted Ohio Hocking Hills - Haunted Hocking Programs throughout the year In the evening.

Ghost Lights at Ash CaveAsh Cave has long been known for the haunting echoes of waterfalls and the dark depression of its sandy recess cave. For centuries, it has been visited by roaming Native Americans, traveling churchgoers and sightseers awed by its beauty. But who would have thought that there was more than a cascading waterfall haunting the cave and some of the visiting spirits might still linger under the cool, quiet recess.

On a dusky evening in late winter, a local college was taking part in an educational hike with park staff. As the program ended and the group was getting ready to be led out of the recess cave, the hike leader asked if the students had any questions.

One of the students raised a hand, exclaiming, "Hey, what is that?" And pointed into the woods opposite the cave to an area just beyond a huge boulder called Pulpit Rock. Several witnesses watched as a pair of greenish-yellow lights darted in and out amongst the trees.

Up and down, the lights danced while the onlookers stared in wonder. .  .and a bit of fear. They watched for several minutes until the lights disappeared into the dark of snow-covered forest. So how did the hike leader answer the student?  He actually had no immediate response. Haunted Hocking Old Man's Cave

The lights went too high for a flashlight and darted in and out of the trees much too quickly for even the fastest marathon runner. The park closes at dusk and the only people allowed on the trail were the ones being led by the park staff person.  Besides, there were no footprints around. He could only suggest later that it might be a couple flying squirrels covered in one of the varieties of phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) fungi called foxfire.

Hmmm. Sounds like a good answer to me. But I'd still make sure I wasn't the last one in line for any of the park's night hikes! (Oh and please don't go wandering around after dark in any of the park areas. Yeah, it's dangerous, illegal and enforced by friendly park rangers that aren't so friendly when they have to go chasing ghost hunters in the dark. Besides, they won't give me any more ghost stories if you do.) Can't get enough ghost stories, Visit Haunted Hocking here!

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