Hocking Hills Trails

Hocking Hills State Park has over 25 miles of trails varying from asphalted wheelchair accessible walkways to rugged paths not easily traversed. Each area is diverse, offering different characteristics from breathtaking cliff edges to recess caves to open meadows.

heart of hockingl

Click on the region below for more information on each including hike times, length, maps:

Ash Cave



Ash Cave   - 1/2 mile hemlock-lined trail leading to a large recess cave. Wheelchair and stroller accessible to cave.

Cedar Falls



Cedar Falls  - Hemlock-lined trail with bridges leads to waterfall.

Old Man's Cave



Old Man's Cave   - Waterfalls, cliffs and rock formations make this a popular 1 mile hiking area.

Conkle's Hollow



Conkle's Hollow - Upper and lower trails lead hikers along cliff edges and wonderful views.

Cantwell Cliffs



Cantwell Cliffs  - One of the more remoted areas of the Hocking Hills with rock formations and cliffs.

Rock House



Rock House  - Rugged trails, a cave and beautiful views of rich forestland.

39.426357, -82.551958


Hemlock-lined trail with swinging bridge and recess caves.